Residential 425 Range Door Handles

Resi 425 Range Door Handles

The design and performance is unrivalled, however inferior copies in styling are now very similar, therefore the design needed to be significantly different to distance the HOPPE made for Winkhaus product from that of the competition.

• Ultra-Modern Lever design The Resi 425 lever is the result of replacing every straight edge with a radiused line.

• Wider Backplate To strengthen the value for money concept the backplate has been increased from 26mm to 30mm.

• Radiused Top & Bottom In keeping with the modern trend, the top and bottom of the backplate have been fully radiused

• Soft Face The restriction of gravity casting produced a harsh face on the backplate that has been replaced using proven technology of forming Aluminium that is then supported by a Stainless Steel under construction.


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