Palladio Range Door Handles

Palladio XL Range Door Handle Sets

The levers on the PalladioTM XL handle set have been especially designed for ease of use with increased leverage for the elderly and disabled. The PalladioTM XL levers are up to 20% longer than conventional handle levers, which not only enhance the appearance of the doors but also offer real operational benefits in helping to reduce the operating forces of today’s modern, High Security Multi-Point Locking Systems. Smooth lines and flat surface contact, with the palm of the hand, help provide a level of comfort that can aid operation by people with limited dexterity.

An optional outside pull with an “egg” shaped pad fits very comfortably into the palm of the hand for easier lock

The backplate material thickness is up to 20% greater than on standard aluminium handles and, together with three
M5 fixing screw positions, ensures that the handle offers high protection against vandalism or intruder attack.
Three heavy duty 10mm diameter screw bosses ensure that the handle is held rigidly in place. This minimises undue
backplate movement and reduces abusive load forces on the lock mechanism.


For retrofit applications to existing doors the handles can be easily fitted into the fixing positions of standard 2 hole
fix 92PZ handle sets (with an additional top hole being drilled for the third screw position).


                                              Designed specifically for Police Approved Multi-Point Locking Systems

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